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The Atlantic City Ballet


A full length work premiering in April 2013, Carmen is set in a square in 1820's Seville. When Don Jose, a Spanish officer falls for gypsy girl Carmen, his world crumbles as he is wound deeper and deeper into an obsessive, jealous spell. His passion for the tempestuous girl leads to murder and disgrace as Carmen tires of him and becomes facinated with Escamillo, a bullfighter. Full of passion, emotion and anger, this ballet, choreographed by Phyllis Papa, will win your heart 


The Nutcracker an annual event has been in the repertoire since 1982. Choreographed by Phyllis Papa, the production travels to theaters, colleges and casinos. The costumes and scenery are magnificent. It is a spectacular ballet worth seeing. Nutcracker is a family tradition that embodies the holiday spirit. It has been enjoyed by young and old, and remains the most well attended ballet in history. It is based on the story of Hoffman to the music of Tchaikovsky. The Nutcracker is now the most famous of all ballets.


A comedic ballet, created to celebrate Atlantic City Ballet’s 30th Anniversary. Set in a hotel during the glamorous heyday of 1920’s Atlantic City, the ‘ballet’ showcases the versatility of the dancers with Broadway style dance, tap, ballet even showgirls! A fun and comical story told through dance that will have you laughing and tapping your feet in the aisles!


Premiering in the Fall of 2006, Phyllis Papa's choreography is based on the story of Bram Stoker's Dracula. The story takes place in Eastern Europe when a young lawyer, Jonathan Harker is captured and imprisoned by Dracula. Dracula, inspired by a photograph goes to London to meet Jonathan's fiancée Mina where he drains the life of Mina's best friend Lucy Westenera. Dr. Van Helsing leads a crusade to free Mina and the world from Dracula. Set in the 15th century it has been received by sold out audiences.


This full-length production is among the favorites among dancers for all its variations and beautiful Tchaikovsky music. Phyllis Papa has restaged this classic with a blend of traditional and her own choreography.


This is the full length Swan Lake in four Acts. Phyllis Papa reset this wonderful classic using the ending where the Swans turn into young girls. It was first performed in Spring 2004 at the Richard Stockton College. Harley Halpern designed lightning for the ballet and the score is the traditional Tchaikovsky.



This dance review features a blend of contemporary and classical dance all set to your most beloved holiday tunes. Add singers and a live band and you will be transported to a Holiday Winter Wonderland that will capture your inner child’s imagination. This delightful show will bring out the holiday spirit in everyone. There is no better place to be this holiday than with the Atlantic City Ballet! It is a one-of-a-kind celebration for sharing with family, friends and loved ones.


What do you get when you combine the disciplined artistry of ballet and Broadway’s most beloved show stopping moments? You get a night of entertainment and an opportunity to see Broadway in a whole new way. With choreography by Artistic Director, Phyllis Papa, live music and songs by some of the world’s greatest composers, Ballet Goes Broadway will make you want to dance the whole way home. 

LES PATINUERS (The Skaters Waltz)

Les Patineurs is a ballet in one Act with Choreography by Frederick Ashton and the music by Giacomo Meyerbeer. The ballet shows just how ballet movement can imitate ice-skating. It is a light comic show of skaters in a 19th-century amusement park. The work was designed to show off virtuosity. There are four couples skating and having fun, a couple in love that displays a beautiful pas de deux, two girls, and a Green boy who is the show off on ice. The ballet ends with the snow beginning to fall and the two girls doing an incredible number of fouette's. The Green boy is challenged by their skill to turn faster and he is turning like a top when the curtain falls.


More than just a play; "A Midsummer Night's Dream" is Shakespeare at his best. In 1999 Phyllis Papa choreographed and directed this play filled with actors, singers, and dancers in beautiful period costumes and exquisite scenery. In 2006 Phyllis Papa, choreographed A Midsummer Night's Dream as a ballet following the comic story line and remains in the repertoire for the AC Ballet.


DRUMS Vibrant swirling costumes and pulsing drumbeats characterize this phantasm of an African festival. ECLIPSE Eclipse is a rock ballet that explores the contemporary and celebrates the summer solstice. The ballet takes place in the Nordic Lands where people experience six months of darkness. The celebration of light is one of the biggest holidays of the year. The ballets climax is a very breathtaking pas de deux that finishes with the couple flying through the air in a lotus blossom. STARS FOREVER Choreographed by Phyllis Papa to the music of John Phillip Sousa, Stars Forever is an All American ballet full of fun, technique and daring. Choreographed to a series of well-known songs from American culture, it is a ballet in eight movements with a grand finale of red, white and blue. There are five couples in the piece. HUAPONGO With music by Pablo Moncayo, this ballet is full of life and color of a Mexican town at Fiesta time. It has two lead dancers and two couples. TANGO Tango, a beautiful ballet in three movements captures the elegant tango done on pointe with both contemporary and classical movement. Music, "La Cumparsita" is by Gerardo Matos Rodríguez, and arranged by Roberto Firpo with choreography by Phyllis Papa COME JOIN THE DANCE The excitement of dance and costumes of the Scottish Highlands brings theater audiences to their feet.


William Shakespeare's play comes to life with a full-length interdisciplinary production of original music and original choreography.


The Tempest based on the story by William Shakespeare's is a comic play of humans shipwrecked on an island inhabited by mythical creatures and sprites. The production is a full-length interdisciplinary program including ballet repertoire with in the play itself, with original score by John Conforti and directed and choreographed by Phyllis Papa.


Impressions set to the music by the Beatles and choreographed by Phyllis Papa, is a tribute to John Lennon. It shows the athleticism of American dancers and their freedom and daring on stage.


The choreography is by Stuart Hodes to the music of Richter. This ballet is based on the story by Leonid Andreyev with its moods of violence. Yet the theme is innocence too fragile and to be offset by the perils of extreme youth and passion to survive a brutal encounter with bestiality.


Airborne is a plotless contemporary work, which combines jazz, classical, Scottish, Russian, and Oriental overtones. Choreographed by Phyllis Papa.


Premiered August 1998 to celebrate the island swim in Atlantic City. Midnight is a contemporary ballet with three lead dancers and a corps of ten dancers. It was choreographed by Phyllis Papa.


Divertimento, choreographed by Phyllis Papa. Divertimento is a classical Pas de Deux mixing 18th century dance and contemporary style.


Choreographed by Phyllis Papa with music by Albinoni, Kara is a Pas de Deux about two lovers. It was first premiered in August 1986. Lyrical and flowing, the piece tells the story of the strong emotion between the dancers within their roles.


Rencontre is a classical Pas de Deux that portrays two lovers meeting after some time and reminiscing about their past love affair and parting forever, knowing in their hearts they will never meet again. Choreography by Stephen Simmons, music by Chopin.


This is a story of a young girl who enters a circus late at night. There she encounters clowns from centuries past and travels back in time. We learn that what appears beautiful to some, may not be to someone else. We are also reminded of our need to feel accepted by the society in which we live.


Concerto Vivaldi a plot less ballet in five movements and displays a harmonious combination of classical and modern dance. Phyllis Papa received a fellowship grant for this work.


Juenesse, which means youth, was originally choreographed by Phyllis Papa for the apprentices of the AC Ballet Theatre to show off their progress in dance. However it became so successful that it was later set on the main company. The music is Handel.


Music by Johan Pachelbel and choreography by Phyllis Papa, La Familia shows the intricacies of family relationships.


Choreography Phyllis Papa, music by Lynn Steinberg. Panoply is an array of short pieces of music. The ballet is plot less and has touches of humorous movements throughout. Panoply is the choreographer's interpretation of the music.


Valse Fantasie was choreographed by George Balanchine to the music of Glinka. Valse Fantasie was premiered on January 5, 1953 in New York City. It is a plot less ballet, emphasizing grace and beauty.


Choreographed by Phyllis Papa, for a fellowship grant she received from the New Jersey Council for the Arts. This little masterpiece to the orchestration of John Denver's music is a favorite to many. It is done in an American Indian style with three couples.


Choreographed by Phyllis Papa and music by Aaron Copland, Danzon Cubano is choreographed for three couples and emphasizes the Cuban culture and their stylish flair for movement.


Choreography by Petipa and Music Tchaikovsky. This pas de trois, or dance for three is taken from Act I of "Swan Lake." It is an all time favorite among audiences everywhere.


Trinity is a ballet with beautiful lifts and beautiful music. It set with sections of trios. The musk is Rachmaninoff and the choreography is by Phyllis Papa.


Sulhah Shenti means redemption. Original music by John Conforti. Choreography by Phyllis Papa. It demonstrates the unrest in the ancient Arabian world, which today's conflicts modern Middle East. The ballet's first two movements incorporate exciting lifts while the last three movements demonstrate the dancers' technique.

PAS DE DIX (dance for ten)

This classical ballet is set to the music of Raymonda and composed by Alexander Glazounov. It shows off the beautiful technique of the company.


This ballet captures the flavor of life in a rural American town in the 1930's. The opening movement shows the affinity of the people to the earth and weather. The strong story line dramatizes emotions and life situations shared by all people. The story was written and choreographed by Phyllis Papa to the music of Aaron Copeland.

Children’s Repertoire


The Sorcerer's Apprentice was taken from a poem written by Goethe a German poet. This is a favorite story for children thanks to Disney. The ballet is part of Atlantic City Ballet’s Childrens program.


Night on Bald Mountain is based on the music by Modest Petrovich Mussorgsk. This short ballet is part of the children's program.


This children's favorite for all ages is filled with laughter and fun. The music is Prokofiev with choreography by Phyllis Papa. Both young and old enjoy Peter and the Wolf.


Dance Macabre is a unique children's ballet, which starts with skeletons coming to life and ends as it begins. This ballet is part of the children fall program with Sorcerer's apprentice and Night on Bald Mountain.